Battle for Dream Island

20 contestants battle for a luxury island called 'Dream Island'.

Actauly Firey won Dream Island, which makes hin get the Grand Cake, the biggest round cake with some of the previous cakes.

The contestants are, (D= debut)

Blocky, Bubble, Coiny, David (D18), Eraser, Firey, Flower, Golf Ball (GB or Bossy Bot), Ice Cube, (Icy),

Leafy, Match, Needle (Needy), Pen, Pencil (Pence-Pence), Pin, Rocky, Snowball (SB), Spongy, Tennis Ball (TB),

Teardrop (TD), and Woody.

Battle for Dream Island Again

Host is Firey Speaker Box

Not in Season 2:

Blocky, David, Eraser, Flower, Leafy, Pen, Snowball, and Woody.

New Contestants:

Bomby, Book, Donut, Dora, Fries, Gelatin, Nickel, Puffball (Puffy), and Yellow Face.

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