Pencil is from Battle for Dream Island, and is the first character alongside Matchin the first episode, but (obviously) the other characters appeared. Pencil is in an alliance with Match and Bubble, and temporarily Ice Cube in Season 1. She is now in an alliance in with Match, Ruby, Ice Cube, Book, and Bubble as of Season 2. Match was eliminated in Season 1, Episode 19, but has yet to be eliminated in Season 2.She was eliminated in episode nineteen five after match 2 before ice cube and due to Englishcreamcakes she got 38 almost eliminated but blocky got more but only survived one time after that time due to a high amount by 259 .Episode eliminated name Reccision Gender Female Color black orange urban gray tan and pink and she is female contestant with five colors while fries is male .And

is the last contestant eliminated before the points are gone

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