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Welcome to Objectpedia; the Canon Object Shows Wiki! To visit the fanon wiki, go to Object Shows Community. So far, we created 203 articles. We have 11 active users and 3,899 edits altogether.

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August 8 2017
ObjectReater is now an admin!
June 18 2017
Merrystar enabled badges for this wiki!
June 13 2017
BrownFamily1108 and BluJayPJ are now admins!
June 13 2017
Derekblue1 adopted the wiki and now an admin and bureaucrat!

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August 13 2017
We are trying to remove unneeded categories like Category:Nice Characters, Category:Mean Characters Please visit our admin blog List of unneeded categories.

Object Show Wikis

These object shows on YouTube were created by people who were inspired by BFDI . Go to their wikis for informations or for help with your own wiki!

Battle for Dream IslandInanimate InsanityBrawl Of The ObjectsObject MadnessObject Shows CommunityObject OverloadObjectpediaObject MayhemObject HavocChallenge to WinThe Strive for the MillionBattle for Isle SleepObject LandObject UniverseArticle InsanityObject LockdownObject SchizophreniaExcellent EntitiesInanimate Fight-OutObject IllusionAnthropomorphic WorldThingy WarWhen Objects WorkBattle for ImmunityOdd ObjectsObject TrekRush Hour EliminationClashdown of the ItemsMelody StarObject TerrorObject Insanity/Time Travel Battle

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