EvergreenLeaves2015 made her first appearance on deviantART in November 23, 2014, her first deviantART name was RandomBerryDoo, she was known to be a young artist/cartoonist. EvergreenLeaves2015's first object show OC (Original Character) was NeoTune.

However, EvergreenLeaves2015 is currently banned from deviantART for admitting that she was underage. She was taken down by her betrayed friend. LaveerLeemy777.

EvergreenLeaves2015 is an shadow and lightening artist (Edited by Nashriq Akmal)

EvergreenLeaves2015 damaged her right eye badly at September 12, 2015 (Edited by Nashriq Akmal)

EvergreenLeaves2015 have a crush on Nashriq Akmal (Edited by Nashriq Akmal) (Edited by Nashriq Akmal)

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