David (Battle for dream island)

"David" is a character who played in Battle for Dream Island. He joined it in Episode 18 Season 1 because he received the most votes out of all the recommended characters.

He was the only human-like character who competed in Season 1.The only sentence he has ever said was: "Aw, seriously?". He was eliminated in Season 1 Episode 20. In season 1 it was revealed that he was immune to bugs who eat objects. He, or to be exact, thousands of them appeared in Season 2 Episode 5e "The Long-Lost Yoyle City" in "Davidland".

However, David didn't made it in season 2 because he didn't recieved enough votes. So, pretty much, Dora took his place. Now, he's in the TLC (tiny loser chamber) that is located in LOL (locker of losers). Some people think he is annoying.

The David Cloner was introduced in episode 25 aka the final episode which before the fans made copyies like Evil David, Dora,and Ash.

David is arch enemys with dora.

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